Friday, April 10, 2009

Hooray for JRTs!

I love Jack Russell Terriers, and my 5th foster dog for this year is a wonderful JRT named Darla. She is an owner-throwaway--she was left in her yard when her owners moved away. By the time she came to me, she had an intestinal infection, so now she's on medication and is eating a bland diet. She was very mopey due to her illness--and there's nothing sadder than a lethargic Jack Russell Terrier.

Happily, Darla is regaining her vigor and spunk.

I made this digital stamp in honor of Darla and her breed! If you go to my Flickr page, you can download a set of these stamps and send your messages by Busy Dog Express!


  1. Great stamp! Jack Russell Terriers are great dogs!

    Thanks for helping Darla. I can't imagine a JRT without all the vigor and spunk!

  2. Thanks goodness Darla found you!!! JRT's can be a tough breed if you haven't done your research. they are so darn cute, though, I can see why people bring them home. It's on the breeder's, when they end up homeless. Potential buyers should be educated. That does not excuse the owners that abandon them. There are ways, plenty of ways,there are to rehome a dog responsibly.
    There I go preaching to the choir, huh?
    Good luck to Darla!!


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