Monday, April 20, 2009

April Adoption Update

Time to check in about the dogs on my advocacy list. Moving clockwise from the top left of the photo, here are some updates.

First up, “Dancer,” a sweet, sweet, but skittish little miniature pinscher girl who lived at my house as a foster for a whole month. She was a snuggle-bug Velcro-dog. I so wanted to keep her, but she found her home on March 26th. I saw her when her people came to the Shelter on April 11th to finalize the adoption. She looked great—she recognized me and gave me kisses, but didn’t try to scramble out of her owner’s arms. That’s what I like to see!

Next, “Sweetheart,” a hound mix who came into the Shelter after having puppies. She was so skinny and pathetic-looking. Her photo is from her time at my house where I fed her rich meals (she loved the scrambled eggs!) and brushed out her coat. She loved to run the perimeter of my yard, nose down, tail up. I had to take her back to the Shelter after a week, but I took with me to a dozen off-sites. She’s a friendly, happy dog—and even in the Shelter, she continued to put on weight, and actually was becoming a little stout! I’m pleased to report that she went to a foster home about 10 days ago along with a second dog. That dog came back, but Sweetheart is still with her foster family. I need to find out if they plan on keeping her. I’m happy she’s with them because she was passed up so many times by people simply because she is a non-descript black dog.

That spunky Jack Russell Terrier is “Darla,” my own little dog’s nemesis. Darla had to go back to the Shelter on April 11th, but on April 17th, she was adopted by two men who had a German Shepherd mix. I had left a detailed description about Darla, and the staff person who handled the adoption said the guys brought their dog in and they read over my notes. So far, so good. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

The somber dog in the bottom left is “Henna,” an American Staffordshire mix. She is a big, gorgeous red-coatedndog, and her name suits her. She is older, perhaps four or five, and has probably had a rough life. She regards most people with reserve, and it proved to be a liability when she was adopted out two weeks ago. The people returned her (we have a 10-day adoption trial period at the Shelter) saying that she did well with men, but was cool and aloof toward the woman, who was responsible for her care. We need to find her a home where she can warm up at her own rate.

I’m working with several other dogs, including “JoJo,” the pit bull, who is settling into his foster home, and have made some other placements. But my fosters and the long-timers like “Henna” and “Sweetheart” hold a special place in my heart.

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