Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun and Games

On the blog “One Bark at A Time” by “Fred” (see my Blogroll for the link), the April 23rd post was about a dog with a toothy “smile.” My dog Taco has a grin, too, which is quite distinct from his “ugly face.” It started spontaneously when Taco would greet my husband, and now he’ll do it whenever any of us returns home, if we encourage him with the command, “Hey.” Offering a biscuit helps, too. It was hard to capture this “happy face” smile on film, so we put the best shot we could get through the “I Can Has Cheezeburger” LOL-maker, and here’s what we got!


  1. That's a great smile capture and what a fantastic way to be greeted when you arrive home. He's really flashing those pearly whites for you.

  2. That is a great smile. My Lucy does something similiar except one tooth shows. It is kind of menacing if you do not see the tail wagging.


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