Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grass. Is. Good.

Update on JoJo the Pit Bull
My favorite pit bull now has a foster home! JoJo, a fawn-colored, male pit bull with a lover-boy heart met his new foster mom last night at a local PetCo. I have been searching for a foster or rescue for JoJo for some time—pit bulls languish in Shelter’s Adoption Room for months because of the challenges of finding them the right home. And for a sensitive dog like JoJo, the Shelter is a horrible place, no matter how many times he got to go to off-site events.

Yesterday, I picked him up at the Shelter, let the staff bid him farewell, and collected his paperwork. I brought him to my house for a couple hours—I fed him, then we sat outside in the backyard. He seemed to be simply awestruck by the idea of fresh, green grass that hadn’t been marked by hundreds of dogs. He flopped down on his side, heaved a sigh and dozed in woozy joy.

JoJo knows my van, so he hopped right in when it was time to go meet the foster. Amy and her 9th grade son came to pick JoJo up. He got a new black collar and went home to meet their pit bull female.

I spoke with Amy today, who reported that JoJo’s first evening went well—he spent the night sleeping in an armchair in her bedroom! Oh he must have felt like he was in heaven after all the months on the concrete kennel floor. Amy will crate him during the day. Her goal for now is to assess his behavior and put some weight back on him—he’s about 20 pounds underweight. I’m so glad that JoJo has a chance to be in a foster home. I’ll be adding updates about his progress as time goes on.


  1. wonderful news!!! Pit bulls are such awesome dogs, and JoJo sounds like a true pitbull... I am glad he's found a foster home and is out of the shelter where he can really bloom.

  2. Good, so glad to hear it! Some day I will be in a position to get a dog. I will look for a dog like JoJo.


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