Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Checklist for the Chief Poop Inspector

"My Dog's Poop List"

Check any or all that apply.

O Is the poop firm, normal in texture, color & smell?
O Is there any shiny slickness or mucus covering part or all of the poop?
O Any blood? Fresh or dried? Faint or copious?
O Does the poop contain anything that looks like grains of rice?
O Anything like small pearls?
O Anything like cooked pasta?
O Any foreign objects (e.g., crayon bits, string, paper, plastic, etc.)?
O Is the poop soft and without form?
O Is the poop hard and stringy?
O Does the dog strain or peer toward his rump in confusion?
O Does the poop look like instant pudding?
O Does it have a strong, gag-inducing odor?
O Is it oddly colored—greenish, yellowish (like mustard) or purplish?
O Is the poop loose and watery?
O Does the poop come out in a squirt?
O Does the dog try to poop without success?
O Does the dog poop in its own bedding?
O Does the dog poop before you can get it outside to its normal place?
O Does the dog poop more than 2 times in one hour?
O Does the dog hide and poop in corners or other places it normally doesn’t poop?
O Does the dog immediately try to eat its own poop?

Use this handy checklist to help you evaluate your dog’s poop. Observing the dog’s freshly made poop on a regular basis is the easiest way to assess a dog’s overall health. Changes in what is normal for your dog’s poop may require you to check for other symptoms or call your vet.

Limitations & Exclusions: This non-medical, but helpful information is not meant to substitute for a professional veterinary examination. It is provided as a public service message so that you, too, can proudly earn the title of “Chief Poop Inspector.” Note: Not all items are applicable to all pets, and not all items apply to cats. I don’t have a cross-discipline degree in Cat Poop Inspection.

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  1. You have a really nice blog! Thank you for caring and doing your part for all the special critters. They are all special.

    Thank you also for becoming one of my followers, I will do the same:)

  2. I thought I was the only one who checked their dog's poops. Flip thinks I'm nuts. She'd rather I wasn't around..


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