Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shelter Crash and the Kitchen Sink

This is "Princess" (what my daughter is calling her), aka "Aribella," a Chi Mix foster.  She is I have a foster dog that is suffering from "Shelter Crash" as I call the decline that begins shortly after pulling the dog from the Shelter.  The "Crash" includes an array of symptoms that range from loss of appetite to loose stools, lethargy and fever.  Princess arrived Mother's Day with the "zoomies" and a very active kissy-tongue, but a week later, she lost her pep and zip.

Princess has lost weight she couldn't afford to lose, won't eat much but hand-fed boiled chicken, and won't drink, so we've done sub-cus twice and I'm giving her watered down Royal Canin Recovery by syringe.  She still wags her tail and trots a bit outside, but retreats to her crate or the blankets by the recliner.  Two days ago, she spiked a fairly high fever.  She had a cursory exam by a Vet on Sunday, and has seen another Vet (better--i.e., more attuned to Shelter dog issues) on Monday.  We're heading back this afternoon because she hasn't perked up the way she needs too, although at least she isn't declining horrifically fast.

Meanwhile, we're doing the Kitchen Sink treatment--she's been wormed, and has the bordetella booster, and isn't a puppy, so we're pretty sure it's not parvo.  She's taking an Albon-Metroniadazaole combo in liquid, plus a docycline tablet, plus she's had three days of penicillin injections with B12 added along with some other anti-biotic.  I have given her some Purina foriflora powder and have an anti-diarrhea tablet but haven't given her that since she hasn't had a bowel movement. 

So...what's the deal?  This has happened before with my fosters.  They come home chipper, then crash and burn.  So we try a little of everything because under most circumstances we don't do any diagnostics via blood tests.  This little girl's coughing, discharging snot or wheezing, but it still could be disptemper.  Or giardia, or some other parasite.  Of course, there's one other unknown--she's not been tested for heartworms.  I don't think her symptoms point to heartworms, but then, I'm no Vet.  Plus I think she's coming into heat.

I hope we can get this dog back into shape--she's a little character and will make someone an awesome pet.  


  1. I know little Princess in capable and loving hands, if anyone can pull her through, it would be you.

    This must be so difficult after what you have been trhough recently.

    I'm sending everything I've got, prayers, mojo, vibes that she rebounds quickly!

  2. Just back from the Vet--signs are pointing to distemper. Yuck. I put $100 on my credit card (my husband will be so thrilled--not) so she could get on fluids overnight. Her sponsor needs to decide how much money she wants to gamble on this. Things are dicey. Such a frickin' shame--could have been prevented with a series of puppy shots.


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