Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Think Before You Get a Dog

You may have seen this video--I found it on Stumpy's blog here.  I plan to forward it to some of my Shelter friends.  While actors are reading the voiceovers, the excuses are the ones I hear every day at the shelter.  Watch it.  Share it.  And thank you, Stumpy!

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  1. ha! I have had a complete post that includes that video and Petfinder's "Pledge for New Dog Adopters"

    I ponder these things, daily, as I fall deeper and deeper in love with the Berner.

    Stumpy's a tough girl, made tougher by numerous homes that were not a good match. I can ALMOST understand how she ended up so close to the edge.

    The Berner, on the other hand is sweet and so mellow. How could he have NOT been almost anyone's perfect dog? That's one of the reasons I believe he's someone's lost beloved pet. On the other hand, perhaps he grew to big or was too hairy. Both things one would expect with a Bernese Mountain dog, if the research had been done.

    "ALMOST" I said with regard to Stumpy. Had the research been done....

    Always happy to share!
    Glad you found it!


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