Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Newest Foster

Meet Tucker, my newest foster.  He's been on my "project dog" list at the Shelter for more than a week, and on Tuesday, I brought him home.  He's a sweet, young dog with a toffee-colored coat, the biggest brown eyes and soft, floppy ears.  We think he's a Beagle-Chihuahua mix.  He's a little bigger than my dog Taco was, but far too skinny, so he's getting extra meals for now.

He had worms and kennel cough, and I got him put into the Iso Ward so he could get medication.  I couldn't bring him home because of Taco's illness, but now he's here.  Tonight we went on our first walk--he was skittish but settled into the rhythm pretty well.  Cross, my little Rat Terrier is ignoring him.  Tucker is so happy to be out of the Shelter.  And my daughter perked up the moment I brought him home.  When he has gained some weight, he'll go to Off-Sites.  He will make someone a wonderful pet.  And for us, he's soothing our sadness.


  1. Aw, gorgeous dark eyes! I hope he perks up quickly with you.

    And I know Taco can't be replaced, but I'm glad it's helping you to have the right number of paws underfoot again, and a new nose to worry about.

  2. He's cute! With my new flyball addiction, my first thought was "Height dog!" He is a gorgeous little guy though.

  3. aww he's adorable.. i love his rich brown coat. its great that you are sharing the love you have for taco with little tucker.

  4. Tucker will thrive as your foster and help occupy you with something other than missing Taco.

    Poor skinny boy! I'm looking forward to watcing him grow!


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