Friday, April 16, 2010

We Are Nearly Out of the Woods

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Finally, I think we're on the road to recover with Taco, my Miniture Pinscher (left in the photo) who has been battling a liver issue since March 12th, when he got ahold of a dead squirrel. It's taken $5,000 (yup, you read that right, not that I'm thrilled about it) and round-the-clock effort but he's starting to act like his old self again.

We're still having to force-feed him 2 times daily (a high-protein, low-fat slurry fed through a big syringe) just to keep his protein intake up, but his energy and attitude have vastly improved. This week he has finally begun showing interest in his toys again--he got the "ugee bone" ( a bone-on-a-rope thing) and guarded it vigorously. Yesterday, he "stole" one of Cross's squeaky toys and pushed it at my hands, trying to get me to tug it. He worked at making the squeaker peep for several minutes. He is also starting to lurk under the table again when we eat. We're so relieved.

Would I have spent this much money and effort if I'd known up front what the costs would be? I don't know--we love this dog, but he's always been a challenge-dog. He is mouthy, pushy and doesn't always play well with others. I've owned a muzzle to use when I handle him for medical purposes for years. Our female, Cross, is far more people-oriented and sweet-tempered than this guy.

But we spent the money because he's our dog and we're responsible for him. The potential for prolonged treatment and vet bills is just part of dog ownership, and it is something people need to think about before adding a dog to their lives.


  1. Glad he's doing well! I've been following a similar situation on - the author is a K9 police officer whose dog nearly died of an autoimmune disorder. He's also recovering well, and is expected to return to duty soon. It's been interesting reading your stories at the same time, and comparing pet ownership to police dogs. Thanks for the thoughtful writing.

  2. Aww, I'm glad he's feeling better. Thanks for the comment on my blog - he does sound like Ziggy, although probably even more of a challenge. He's very lucky to have you, although he probably has no idea!


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