Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swallow. The. Pill.

We normally don't have this much trouble giving the monthly heartworm prevention tablet, but I have kept this pinned on the bulletin board for the duration of my dog's illness.

Taco is still taking meds 3 times daily--we give him 3 syringes worth of vitamins and antibiotics/pepcids twice a day, plus I have two other tablets that I try to sneak down with pill pockets.  I hold him in the Vet Tech Hug and my daughter (who has become quite skilled at this) handles the syringes.  The pill pockets are tricky.  He can work the tablet out with his tongue, and yet he gets snappy if I try to approach him while he's guarding the slobbery pill pocket.  If we lucky, he bolts down the pill and the pill pocket mess before I can intervene.


  1. LOL - every morning my cat gets a pill. She won't touch the little pill treats for cats, won't eat it dissolved in tuna or bacon grease.

    So every morning the first thing I do is give my cat a pill. I say get it out of the way. Plus, she's always there when I wake up - so forgiving aren't they?

    Hers is prednisone - necessary to her life right now.

  2. It's been awhile since I have had to fight any meds down anyones throat. I am not envious of the task!


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