Monday, April 19, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

As those who are my dedicated readers know, I enjoy making art--whether with paper, glue and scissors or my scanner and Photoshop.  I like using my artwork in my blog posts, but I don't want to mix my artsy life with my animal rescue blogging.  So, to that end, I invite those of you who might be interested to visit my new creative blog, "El Rancho Not So Grande" by clicking on the longhorn steer link in the sidebar.

I am not planning to slack off on "We Don't Rent Puppies."  In fact, now that my own dog, Taco, is over the crisis of his illness, I plan to do off-site adoptions again.  I can't have a foster dog until I get the all-clear from Taco's Vet, but I have some news about some of my adoptions, so I'll be posting some updates.

I began "We Don't Rent Puppies" a year ago last March, and I now have about 45 followers.  I'm nearly at 100 posts, too, which is a good milestone to reach in Blogland.

I appreciate all my readers' comments.  Together, we're making a difference in the lives of animals.  If you have an blog that I should add to my Blogroll list, leave a comment with the link.  Again, thanks for your support!

If you like what you see over at "El Rancho Not So Grande," let me know!

Artwork:  My new dog-related business cards from Moo!


  1. I came here from visiting Stumpy. So glad she sent me over.
    Glad to hear the intestinal difficulties are almost cleared up.

  2. Thanks, Dogsmom, for your comments on both my blogs. Stumpy is our friend, too!


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