Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adoption Updates!

Most of the dog adoptions I complete are done at off-site locations such as PetsMart or at local community festivals. Consequently, I don't normally get to see my dogs with their new families except by chance.  Even with my foster placements, I don't have a way to do much beyond a follow-up by phone--I represent the County and and have no legal claim to the dogs I place.

However, two of my fosters have been placed with friends and one adopter--"Peaches," the puppy mill Chihuahua--has sent me several emails.

"Felicity," a little grey-and-black dog is now named "Chloe" and has a home with a friend of mine who lives near Cut-and-Shoot, Texas. Chloe has a best buddy, Dexter (a mini-schnauzer) and loves to run out to greet the Great Pyrenees that guard my friends' goats.  My friend says she thinks that Chloe may be part Papillan and part Terrier.  I plan to go out and visit Chloe soon.

"Peaches" found a wonderful home with a semi-retired couple who live in Missouri.  They spent the winter months here in Texas and first met Peaches at a PetsMart event in mid-February.  They came with their rescue dog (a sweet little Japanese Chin named "Chappie") and spent the afternoon with me.  Peaches fell in love with the husband and very quickly adjusted to being the Queen of the Motorhome, with Chappie as her loyal subject.  She is now at her new home in Missouri and loves her yard and likes to chase one of the housecats.  Peaches' family sends me emails on a regular basis, which is great because we still miss Peaches.

I wish I could see how "Rusty," my little heartworm-positive Miniature Pinscher, is doing.  I called his people twice, but would just like to know if he's still with them.  The staff knows that if one of my foster dogs ever comes back to the Shelter they are to call me ASAP.  I also always tell the adopters that if things should change, they can call me and I'll make arrangements to get the dog.

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  1. Fostering is so bitter sweet, even harder if you can't check up on your fosters. I hope rusty is living happily ever after! It sounds as though Peaches and Chloe certainly are!


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