Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You to My Readers

Today, I'd like to make note of some milestones and acknowledge my gratitude to my faithful readers.  I began this blog a year ago in March 2009.  Although I have had some time gaps (mostly in the fall, when I'm busy being a Band Mom), I have written 110 posts.  And recently, my 50th follower joined the pack!

As readers, you have all been so supportive.  My goal isn't to rant and rave (there's enough of that already on the Interwebs) nor is it to present an always rose-colored vision (there's enough sweetness on the Interwebs as well).  I wanted a place to connect with other people involved in animal rescue, a place where I can post a cute picture (like the one above), a funny video, or a snarky aside.

You, my faithful readers, have followed my adventures as a Shelter volunteer, the exploits of my foster dogs, my Vet adventures with my own two dogs, and have taken things in stride when I have a cuteness attack or a need to gripe.  I have added a number of intriguing blogs to my sidebar list, and have begun clicking the "follow" button on other peoples' blogs so they know I'm reading.  My lurking days are fading.  I know how much your comments mean to me, so I've increased my effort to leave a note on the blogs I read.

My other blog, "El Rancho Not So Grande," is an artsy blog.  I love making art, collecting junk, and learning new craft techniques, but the artsty blog world is where I don't feel as confident.  Many of the artsy blogs are so beautiful, elaborate, and so filled with exquisite photography and shots of stunning abodes that I feel like my eclectic interests are too scattershot.  Still, I have some followers and receive a few comments.

I have been a writer all my life--I have written three complete novels (all submitted through an agent, but with rejections), countless poems, and I've worked as a managing editor (transportation journals) and free-lancer for 20 years.  When I started writing, we didn't have computers--just the typewriter--and the Internet was a pipe dream.  I got my first computer in 1985 and went on-line  (dial-up) in 1998.  I wish I'd had the Interwebs with its blogs and social networking when I was a young novelist.

"We Don't Rent Puppies" has allowed me to develop a different sort of voice than I used in my novels and professional writings.  I've been timid, but I'm getting bolder.  And I owe it to my readers, especially to the very regular readers who leave me comments.  Thank you all!

If you're dropping by and reading me for the first time, please look at some of my previous posts. Leave a comment so I can visit you.  I also invite you to sign up as a follower.  And remember, we still don't rent puppies.  Adopt a Shelter pet and gain a friend for life!

Artwork courtesy of Flickr; based on a scan of a vintage children's greeting card.


  1. Very welcome. :-) You're a fun writer, and I appreciate your balance of snarky/serious/cute.

  2. Thank you for visiting us & for commenting. We really enjoy meeting new furiends. There are a lot of people involved in rescue. We have been involved since Dec. 2009. It is hard to let them go but then we know they have found wonderful homes & we have saved another life. The rescue I am with gets a lot of their pups from high kill shelters. All our dogs are rescues. 3 are ours & we currently have 2 foster pups - Roo & John. Roo was born with a deformed front leg. John is sweet too. Drop by any time.
    Ernie,Sasha, & Chica's Mom Barb

  3. Congratulations on 50+ followers and 100+ posts - that's great! I love reading your blog - I don't get to comment very often since I usually just have time to read blogs I follow through Google Reader and not visit each blog to leave a comment, but I always enjoy your posts and the variety of subjects you post about. Keep up the great work! :-)

  4. Yahoo! Congrats on this! Wonderful :) I love reading your posts - I always find them insightful and inspiring.


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