Thursday, June 17, 2010

And His Name is Peanut

The old Chihuahua has owners!  They have been looking for him--he is 14 years old; they've had him since he was a puppy, and his name is "Peanut."  So he went home with them.  According to the Shelter staff person who handled the case, the little dog got all wiggly and squeaky when he heard his person's voice.

The visible tumors on him are lymphomas, and the fleas must have come because he was lost for several days.  No information on why the owners had let his toenails grow so long and jaggedy.  Thus, we have closure.


  1. Huh. Okay, well that's a happy ending! Who'd have thought? I hope the owners got some good pointers for his care.

  2. I wasn't there, so I hope they did, too. I'll post an update if I get more hard info.

  3. So good to hear Peanut has owners & that they came for him. We agree on them getting some pointers. Hope they got some - he deserves to have shorter toenails etc. Easier for him to walk around.

  4. Yipeeee!!! That's awesome. I'm betting Peanuts doesn't cooperate with toe nail clipping. I have one of those!

  5. Great news and definitely an exception to the rule. I'm happy Peanut is home with his family.

  6. aww... i'm sure he's really really happy to be home..


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