Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Chihuahua May Get a Home

Go figure! The blind, toothless, bald old Chihuahua stud dog featured in the post on June 14th may have a home.

One of the Shelter volunteers uploaded photos of him from her phone, which were picked up by the Houston Pet Blog, Animal Advocate.  A man from Detroit, Michigan, saw the dog via the post and contacted the Rescue Coordinator at MCTAS called and wishes to adopt the dog if transport can be arranged.  Currently, the Rescue Coordinator is working on trying to secure transport.  The little old guy seems pretty darn perky, in spite of his myriad problems.  What looked like an immediate euthanization may have a better ending.  I'll post an update as I get more information!


  1. I am so excited for that fugly little chi-dog!

    I don't know my exact schedule, but I am heading towards the north east (not as far north as Michigan, unless the Berner finds a home there. I should be leaving AZ around July 17. No route planned yet, it all depends on Mr.B's rehoming. Keep me in mind, though, for a possible leg of that journey to Michigan!

  2. I do chihuahua hospice in Houston and the above comment about the dog being fugly is
    very offensive. I 'd like to see what you
    look like at a commensurate age.
    I would be happy to take this precious baby
    if transport cannot be arranged and have
    multiple vet references.
    Janet Huey

  3. Janet, please don't be offended. All of us at the Shelter agreed that the old Chi IS fugly! But we're doing what we can for this little feisty guy!

    Thanks so much for your offer--we can't fly him to Detroit unaccompanied in the cabin, so we're still looking at transport options! However, we may be in contact with you if our Detroit connection falls through.

  4. oh wow that is such super awesome news!!!! so happy for the little guy!! his potential adopter has restored my faith in humanity :) is he completely blind? will his fur grow back? i wonder if he gets cold.. such a teeny tiny pooch.

  5. He does get cold, but I keep him warm with a blanket that he snuggles up in all day. We found a little shirt for him that is helping him stay warm as well! He is such a cute, but not so cute little guy!! When I got to work this morning I thought some how he got out because he was so wrapped up in his "WOOBY" I am very lucky that he is staying in my room with me everyday....makes me realize to never give up even on the days I feel like that is all to do!!

  6. Thanx for the update, Doglovr! Glad you stopped in and are following!

  7. Janet, please don't be offended. I love my 11 year old bulldog, but she's getting fugly with age too! The dogs really don't care what we call them as long as we love them and do our best for them. Do you take dogs from the Oklahoma City area?? Our chi rescue is ALWAYS full, and when there is an opening doesn't take anything hard to adopt (i.e. old or over 6 lbs).

  8. The word fugly is not a nice words to some of us. We rather use oldie . My dogs are old and I love them so much. Plz don’t use fugly anymore it hurts us to hear that word when your a animal lover. Thank you ladies. And God bless you all for what you all do for our little baby.


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