Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On The Hunt

Sometimes in the course of events it becomes necessary to take an excursion with members of the family.  As this is one of those times, I'll be away from my off-sites.  My own dog, Cross (AKA The Cutest Dog in the World) has gone to my Mom's house, to join the Chihuahua Pack.  Teencie and Tucker are still vacationing with their BFFs the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mixes.  "Sam," the Miniature Pinscher who was my Rusty-look-alike is going to visit another MinPin named "Jake."  So, we'll BRB.


  1. I hope this is an excursion that includes FUN! You deserve it! Take good care.

  2. The parade looks like a success! Sorry about your off-site result, that sucks. It's bad enough weathering the heat, the rain and the driving, but only one adoption makes it that much worse. Hope you have a fun vacation!


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