Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shelter Dogs Show Their Colors

Volunteers came out in their walking shoes to help us leash up and parade more than 60 adoptable dogs from the Montgomery County Texas Animal Shelter (MCTAS) as part of The Woodlands Township, TX, annual Fourth of July Celebration "Red, Hot & and Blue" Parade.
 The parade rolled at about 9:00 a.m. in spite of threats of rain (leftover bands of moisture from Hurricane Alex), with a mixture of civic, church and high school groups, including three marching bands.  Our dogs joined the line-up in the top third of the parade, helped along by walkers and accompanied by a truck pulling a hand-decorated trailer with cages to hold adoptable kittens and puppies. We also had an electric-powered "eco-taxi," piloted by the owner, who volunteers at the Shelter, to give weary dogs and walkers a brief rest.

We had mutts of every shape and size, from perky little chi-weenie mixes to lumbering Labs and a regal AmStaff with gorgeous tiger-stripe brindle markings.  Dogs were kitted out in bandannas, flower leis, and such, all in appropriately patriotic collars.  Sponsors walked with us, handing out coupons for custom-painted dog dishware and other tokens.

We urged all the parade-watchers to spay and neuter and make a difference by adopting their next furry friend.

It was a lot of work hauling the dogs to and from the Shelter, and several pooches got a bit hot, but the dogs received as much water as we could provide and a cool kennel after the parade.

Many of our potential clients don't realize that we have lots more than just "Pit Bulls and Black Labs" at the Shelter.  And we let people know that we need the public's help in reducing intake numbers by spaying and neutering all their animals.

Photos and artwork by C. Bruhn


  1. You guys are awesome! Happy 4th of July. Here to hoping that everyone can find there forever home soon!

  2. What an awesome event! You guys must have been a sight to see!


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