Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Not to Love?

Here's a sampling of the dogs available now at the Montgomery County, Texas, Animal Selter. From left to right: 1) "Dudley" #A112614: A spunky senior red Dachshund mix male with soft curly fur and a pudgy body that makes you think, "There's a Milk Dud!" Obviously well-fed, he is an owner surrender. 2)"Riley: #A114398. That typical Heeler quirkiness is evident on "Riley's" face. This young Blue Heeler boy is wicked smart and needs a day-job. 3) "Willis" #A11835 has the "Benji" look on a taller, lean body. He needs some groceries to fill him out, but he's still a smallish dog, about the size of a foxhound, with wheat-colored wiry, terrier hair and stylishly pricked ears. What's not to love about these dogs? Check them out at The MCAS website.


  1. They are all beautiful, but heelers melt my heart... I want them all!

  2. From reading your blog, GSP, I know you'd like Riley. He's everything you would want in a Heeler! I'm working to find him a good home.

  3. Hey Calsidyrose

    I'm doing my rounds and wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month (August). I always appreciate your thoughts.

    I like the Heeler. I’ve been trying to find the right Heeler to add to my family ... I'm waiting to hear back from the rescue I submitted an application to ... we're trying to set up an appointment with a herding place so we can get the dog I'm interested in "Instinct Tested" ... If we do get a new perma-dog, I'll post some pics up on the blog!

    The one I'm looking at is a biter, so she may require some work. Not sure (nipping is a breed trait, but biting is not ... hmmm ...)

    Anyway, glad to see you back blogging! I was beginning to miss reading your thoughts :)

    Also, I saw you joined Entrecard. Right on! I submitted an ad :)


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