Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Some Things End

On September 16, 2009, JoJo, a three-year-old fawn American Pit Bull Terrier was euthanized, thus ending a dog’s life. He lived long enough to touch the hearts of several people in the Shelter, entering the system on January 30, 2009 as a stray. JoJo’s dog-on-dog aggressiveness was his undoing. His Pit Bull bloodlines were a liability. His unknown background and experiences were a hindrance. But the spirit in his dog heart remains, burning pure and bright, flickering as a reminder that as human we pay for our hubris in the deaths of dogs deemed unsafe.

I drew the portrait on myWacom tablet. I’m still a beginner with this tool, so don’t know how to blend the colors yet. JoJo’s spirit rests easier now, even if mine doesn’t.


  1. Calsidyrose - I am so so sorry to learn this. I commend you for having the strength to work in this evvironment. For what it's worth, I appreciate you.

    RIP Jo Jo

  2. We'll see Jo Jo on the other side. He'll be a happy and well adjusted.

    It's a harsh reality you live with, make sure to count your successes, and that has to include JoJo, as he no longer suffers.

    Your portrait of joJo is really good! I have no clue what a Wacom tablet is but I am going to google it, now.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear it. As ETTGD said, you don't have an easy job, especially when a dog's life ends this way. Thanks for sticking with it anyway - the dogs need you, and we're inspired by you.

    Have fun chasing rabbits, JoJo.

  4. I'm sorry this is the way it had to end for Jo-Jo. Don't lose heart.


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