Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I Do When I'm Not With My Dogs

Band Mom 2009
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I'm a "Band Mom" with a Sophmore French Horn player in the TWHS Highlander Marching Band. I chaperone the students on the school buses to their games and take lots of photos.

I'm still doing my "Dog Lady" work, but have had to scale back a bit to get my high-maintenance 15-year-old daughter started back in school.

Our Shelter will be participating in the "Second Chance at Love" event, hosted by PetsMart (it's a Nation-wide event) beginning Labor Day.

I still have "Rusty," my min-pin foster boy. He wants everyone to know he's looking for his own home!


  1. Yay Mom! That is the the most important job you've ever volunteered for! ;)

  2. Oh I remember those days...they were fun, but exhausting!!! Keeping the 15 year old out of trouble will surely keep you out of trouble!!!


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