Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bow Wow Bash & The Pet Psychic

First, the caveat:  I am not a true believer in pet psychics, but there is that "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!" part of me that absolutely wishes, really, really that it could be true.  If someone asked me to clap my hands so a dog could talk to a pet psychic, I'd do it.

Thus said, this afternoon, I had the honor of meeting Sonya Fitzgerald, the famous animal communicator who dominated the cable station "Animal Planet" a few years back.

Ms. Sonya was the guest at our shelter's super sponsors, the awesome Barker Street Bakery in The Woodlands, TX.  The good folks at Barker hosted the "Bow Wow Bash," complete with a dog-themed jump house for the kids, a pet-food donation drive, and a raffle that included goodies such as a flat-screen TV and a big leopard-print dog bed filled with treats and toys.  More than $2,600 was raised for the Friends of the Montgomery Animal Shelter, one of the non-profits who help our Shelter dogs by providing funds for Veterinary care and other needs. What a phenomenal fundraiser!

I took my bouncy little foster Chihuahua, Pepper, to the event, hoping to find him a home.  Ms. Sonya was inside the store, talking to folks and their pets.  I joined the line of devoted pet owners and their well-loved dogs, including a Catahoula mix wearing a devil costume, extra-fluffy Pomeranians, and Shelter rescues that included a distemper-survivor Spaniel mix who had severe tremors in her back legs.

Doggy cookies spell out the event name.

Ms. Sonya Fitzpatrick was a huge hit with all the dogs and their people, graciously greeting more than two dozen pets and their owners.  Ms. Sonya wasn’t doing full readings, but she did convey things that were on the various dogs’ minds.
 We meet Sonya Fitzgerald.
 Pepper was a very good boy, considering the crowded store, antsy dogs and delicious treats and toys on display.  When our turn came, I put him on the table.  I had on my MCAS apron and I told Ms. Sonya he was my foster Shelter dog. I had written “ADOPT ME” on a shipping tag and attached it, a lá Alice in Wonderland’s famous “DRINK ME” order, and he’d already gotten many compliments and had his photo taken.
Ms Sonya said Pepper wanted me to know these things:  “He wants to stay at your house.  He loves it there.  He likes everybody and he feels so loved.  He doesn’t want to go with anyone else because he loves you best and most and you will cry if someone else takes him.” (Pepper is right, of course, but anyone could have told me that!)
Ms. Sonya promised to “tell” him that I will find him the best home for him and that I’ll always love him.
Pepper asked what happened to the other dog who was visiting.
That had to be Tucker, I said, completely, totally captivated, in spite of myself.  I asked Ms. Sonya to tell Pepper that Tucker was now home with his Mommy and that we were only babysitting.  Then I asked if Pepper had anything to say about an older female dog.
“He says she’s rude,” Ms. Sonya said before I even finished.  “Rude, rude, rude.  Quite the rudest dog he’s ever met and he doesn’t like her, not at all.”  I’m not sure if Pepper meant Mrs. Puff my senior Chi or Cross my little Rat Terrier mix, who had been very bossy toward him at first, but now is willing to wrestle.
Then I asked if Pepper liked the name we had given him.  Ms. Sonya said that he likes all the names I call him. (I pick out a name, but call most of my fosters by sweetie-names like "Snickers", "Pup-Pup" and "Little Dude" or the like.  Pepper told Ms. Sonya that likes it that I talk to him and the other dogs all the time. (I do).  But most of all he liked it when he got to sleep with me (I let him snuggle with me on the couch and once in bed).  That was the best thing.
Pepper also told her that he is a good barker, a very good barker.  (I have to agree with that).  Pepper also said he is a very good guard dog and that I need him to do that job for me.  He didn’t want to go home with anyone else today. 
There were many personalities at the Bash, including this Rottie Mix named "Hooker." I have never seen a dog willingly wear real shoes.  She could walk with them on, too.  Compared to this sweet girl, my own dogs lead very dull lives!
I know it’s silly, but I just got emotional about the whole thing.  Ms. Sony thanked me for the work I do for these dogs and we made our exit.  It's no matter whether her talent is real or not.  The hard-working volunteers and generous donors pulled off a great event--Pepper got his photo taken for the newspaper, which may help him find the home he deserves, and I got to meet a celebrity who made me feel just a bit special. What's not to like?
"Sign" photo courtesy of TVindy.  Photo of Pepper with Ms. Sonya and me--taken on my camera by a girlfriend.


  1. It was a great event and although I did not make into the store, I enjoyed it all. Lets keep these wonderful events happening and keep spreading the word about our great shelter dogs.

    Jeanette and Bucky
    MCAS Volunteer and Shelter Dog Extraordinaire.

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