Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Chihuahua Whisperer

She's short, pudgy and middle-aged.  Tiny dogs adore her.  Their teeth and barking are only temporary obstacles.  She takes these little critters with huge Napoleon complexes and teaches them how to be loving lap dogs.  She is...The Chihuahua Whisperer.

BTW, these are the Chi's I've fostered since I started working with The Montgomery County, Texas, Animal Shelter (MCTAS).  I've also adopted out other Chihuahuas and Chi-mixes at Off-Site events.  I admit it:  I am addicted to tiny dogs. :)


  1. Someone's got to love them, I guess! I'm glad they like you too. :-)

  2. LOVE your anti-pity sentiment! I have heard the "I couldn't do what you do" over and over again. So, like you, I try to tell them what they CAN do! Advocate spay/neuter, offer to take dirty laundry to the laundr-o-mat for us, throw a dollar in the jar and skip the cheeseburger. You know, the simple stuff. VERY well put!

    P.S. I haven't had a small dog since I was young and living with my parents. I really enjoy having my mom's 12 lb shih tzu sit on my lap and I'm thinking my next dog may be a little one!


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