Monday, March 1, 2010

My Mom's Lost Chihuahua

My Mom's Lost Chihuahua!
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This is Megan Marie. She is a one-year-old tan or light brown Chihuahua. She got out from my Mom's house, this morning, March 1st and hasn't been found yet. My folks have worn themselves out looking for her.

My folks live in Spring Branch, Texas. Their subdivision, Whispering Hills, is on Texas 46, just across the street from Smithson Valley High School.

Megan Marie didn't have on a collar, but is microchipped. She is a typical skittish Chi.

This is a good time to remind all pet lovers to take and keep handy up-to-date photos of your pets. I had more photos (and these are not the best for ID purposes) than my folks.

I recommend that you take a head shot, and body shots from each side, with good lighting and few background distractions.

I used this collaged photo (made in Picnik) as the focal point of a Lost Dog flyer I mailed and emailed to my folks. A lost or missing dog is every owner's nightmare. I see the anguish on people's faces every day I'm at the Shelter.


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