Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Safe!

Home Safe!
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My parents found their youngest Chihuahua this afternoon, about a city block (although they live in the country) from their house, hiding under an shed's risers near a neighbor's pool.

The neighbor saw her as she was trying to warm herself on the pool deck and called my folks. Megan Marie darted back under the shed but came out when my Mom got own and called her.

She was stinky but in good health and spirits. My parents are so relieved.

When searching for your lost dog, you need to consider widening the distance in blocks (or miles) you will search for your animal. This tiny Chihuahua was about a quarter mile from my parents and roamed even further, based on sightings by neighbors.

I made a flyer for my parents, using the triptych collage photo featured in the previous post about this dog.  My folks submitted the flyer to their neighborhood association website, which featured it prominently on the site's front page, with the header "Have You Seen This Dog?"

I encouraged my folks to talk to EVERYONE in their neighborhood, and to give them the flyer.  My folks received word about sightings of the dog within hours and the man who found her had seen the flyer, plus talked to my Dad the day Megan Marie got lost.

Not all "lost dog" stories have happy endings, but I'm sure glad this one did!


  1. YAy!!!! I am so relieved for your parents and for Megan Marie!

  2. Oh good! I'm so glad to hear she's back safe. Little ones like that are in so much danger from wildlife, as well as the usual urban hazards.

  3. That's great - it's good to know she's safely back home. And how nice to see that your posters played a big part in that! Wonderful!

  4. Absolutely fantastic!! Great review of tips on how to find your lost pup!! The more you do the better. WOO HOO for your parents!


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