Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Atticus Unchained

Atticus Unchained
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Atticus is going home--to a new home, a forever home. Removed from the Shelter, after facing certain death to severe decline (see "Saving Atticus," September 11, 2009), Atticus is on his way from Houston to a new home in upstate New York.

He joined a convoy of 90 animals, mostly Labradors and Lab mixes, bound from Texas, where the hunting culture produces untold numbers of Lab puppies, to the Northern U.S., where Labs are in high demand but rare in shelters. He'll be adopted by a family who has been thoroughly interviewed, and who will pay a fee that covers his transportation costs.

Here in Texas, Atticus will be greatly missed by his foster Mom and her Husky, Togo. During his confinement for heartworm treatment, Atticus blossomed, gaining weight, growing sleek, and regaining the loving gleam in his eye. He is everything that people adore about Labs: shiny, sturdy, friendly and eager to please. He will be missed by those of us who saw the diamond personality hidden under his dull sooty coat as he hunkered, hacking and shivering, in a dank kennel, but we know he'll find the love and good care that he so much deserves.

Godspeed, Atticus!

Artwork by C. B.

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