Thursday, December 31, 2009

11 Foster Dogs in 2009

I had 11 foster dogs in 2009--dogs I took home from the Shelter and kept until I found them a new home. This total does not include my "over-nighters"--dogs who came home with me from an off-site and who then went back to an off-site or to a rescue group. Nor does this include my "project" dogs such as "JoJo" (the pit bull) or "Riley" the Australian Cattle Dog. I've lost count of the dogs I've taken out again and again, or the ones who I kept tabs on until they were adopted.

I'm looking forward to helping more dogs, one at a time, in 2010, including "Peaches," who is looking for her own loving forever home!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year


  1. Thanks for all you do for the dogs.

    We wish you continued success with all your fosters! I hope the new year fills your home with love, laughter and good health!

  2. As one rescuer to the other - I pray that during our lifetimes we lose our job!


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