Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mama Dog with 14 Puppies

This small blackish-brown lab mix was brought in on Sunday with 14 tiny puppies. The mama dog weighs only about 35 pounds, so this is a huge litter for a dog her size. Currently she is in an isolation room, but we're hoping to get her and her puppies into a foster home.

Female dogs with nursing litters are brought into the Shelter weekly. I've seen three or four litters at a time in the Lavender and Pink Rooms (the stray-hold rooms). Currently, the Shelter does not have a space dedicated to newly born puppies and their moms--no whelping boxes, no room where it is quiet and calm so that mama dogs can rest.

We're working to improve these conditions, but it is a slow process.


  1. Gee -- when it rains, it pours, eh?

    Here in Ontario, we rarely get litters of pups into the shelters and when we do, people scramble over who gets to foster them!

    Most of our dogs going through the shelters are adults with behavioural problems :(

  2. I need an update on this pretty mom and 14 pups!! HOLY MOLEY!!!


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