Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's 97 degrees outside here in Houston, Texas, as I write this post. Add in the humidity, and it feels much, much hotter. It's just noon, so it will get even hotter before the day is over.

Yesterday, another high-temperature record made the books--104 degrees in Metro Houston. Where I live, it was about 102--we're north of downtown at the edge of the Piney Woods.

Speaking of pine trees, the woods are parched. So is the grass, and the oak seedlings that so hopefully sprouted from the stump of our big tree that came down with Hurricane Ike. We're under burn bans and voluntary water restrictions, with more to come if things continue as predicted.

My dogs stay inside during the heat of the day, although my huntin' dog, Taco, the min pin, spent an hour outside this morning, patrolling his back yard. Now he's barking at the unfortunate lawn guys who are mowing my neighbor's lawn. And my workaholic type A husband has forced my son out to mow our lawn. So I guess I'll have to go out pick up poop.

The Shelter dogs are cool--there's air conditioning. The dogs at the Off-Sites, well, they're hot. I opted not to go because it was so hot last weekend, but if my husband stays in his frantic mode, maybe I'll head off to the Off-Sites just to escape his never-ending chore list. I had hoped to take one day off, but it doesn't look that will be the case. I'll be better off with the hot shelter dogs at the Off-Site!


  1. Heat's a real killer... we're supposed to hit 3 digits tomorrow...I'm inside now til after 5, basically...I get up at 4 so I can enjoy the cooler part of the day, outside.

    I say a prayer, every day, during the hot summer days, that no one will leave their kids and/or dogs in the car. I have already read about 5 incidents this year. I don't get it!!

    Stay cool...

  2. Hi there - nice blog! It isn't quite that hot here, but we are going to have to water the garden today for the first time on over a month! Your husband sounds a lot like the unstoppable Mr. Geek, always working his way down some long list of chores!

    Thanks for the award. I'm usually too lazy to do memes, though.

    I'll definitely be back to read more!

  3. ah, try and stay cool. We have reached 113 here, although we don't get the humidity you guys get, that heat nonetheless is a killer!


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