Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet is hosting an "Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet" adoption campaign this month, September 17-25, 2011. Below is a video link on YouTube produced by the editors of "Life + Dog", a glossy pet-owner "lifestyle" magazine.

I have a "less-adoptable" foster dog--Sassy, a 3-year-old black Chihuahua girl who is afraid of the camera, pudgy, bossy, snippy and black-coated--all things that work against her chances of adoption. Sassy came into "Operation Pets Alive" from a vet's office, where a client took her, saying they found her. The veterinarian spayed and vaccinated her. She is heartworm negative and is on prevention.

Sassy doesn't do well at off-sites, although I keep taking her to them. She jumps and snips against her crate warn people that she's nervous, and she lunges at other dogs in a show of bravado. Sassy needs a home with an owner who understands how to correct a dominant small dog and integrate her into the household. I have worked with her diligently and she's doing much better. While she could be placed with a household with other dogs, she would not be a good choice for families with small children--and, of course, children are immediately drawn to her because she has fluffy black fur.

I hope to place Sassy soon so I can take another foster in for "Operation Pets Alive".


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