Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Typical Situation

Here in Montgomery County, Texas, we have a mix of high-end surburban communities (The Woodlands), farm-and-ranch remnants, trailer parks, "ranchette" (non-agricultural acreage properties) and newer tract housing. Our typical intake at the Shelter is not an indoor pet that can no longer be cared for by its owner. Instead, our typical intake is an unintended litter from the mating of free-roaming, unaltered neighborhood dogs. These animals are typically found in the rural fringes of our county, and may or may not be considered pets. I am defining "pet" the way PetsMart or your favorite high-end "companion animal" lifestyle magazine defines "pet".

The video below represents a fairly common situation--the owners don't have the funds or transportation to spay or neuter their dogs, and have limited abilities to provide proper whelping care. Several litters just like this one arrive at the Shelter every week. This is the reality behind many of the dogs in the Shelter runs:

As the volunteer for Operation Pets Alive, a non-profit animal welfare group that serves Montgomery County, "This litter of puppies born to 2 free roaming unaltered neighborhood dogs. Found while OPA volunteer was working to TNR a feral cat colony. The owner does not have a car, money, or a job. OPA desperately needs foster homes to move these dogs into. They will all receive vaccinations and will be deworm. They could be ready for the next OPA Flight for Life departing May 14th but have to start their required vaccinations within the next 4 days."

I will provide an update on this litter ASAP.


  1. Looks a lot like what I see in dirtville, with the exception of available shade. I was so relieved to see those pups get some water.

    all I could think of, throughout that video, was if they're lucky when the caretaker opens the pen to send them out into the world the pups will be lucky if they find their way to the shelter to be humanely euthanized.

    I was in tears before I read OPA volunteers had discovered the pups and are taking steps to give these babies a better chance. My tears of anger and frustration turned to tears of gratitude and relief.

  2. Please keep us updated. It's easy to lose sight of this kind of situation when you don't see its impact. Please keep us updated!

  3. These guys are clean, flea-free, de-wormed and have already been to off-site on Saturday (no adoptions, though). I'll find out this week if they will go on the next Flight for Life.

  4. Me too. I'll be waiting for the updates regarding this dogs as well. ^_^

  5. Hi, glad to see you were back, at least for a few posts! I know what you mean about the longer you wait to post, the harder it seems to be... because you think you've disappointed readers... but rest assured, we are still your fans and wish you'd come around again!

    Also wanted to tell you that my brother and his family, who live in Maine, are proud guardians of "Calvin." He's a Lab mix who started out life in Louisiana and made his way to Maine by way of some wonderful rescue group. They couldn't be happier with him, and as a "black dog" his chances of being adopted back home were not good, to say the least. So here's a ringing endorsement!


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