Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just for Fun

Allie's adopted dog really wants to please, if only she knew how!

My daughter had me read a post on "Hyperbole and a Half", a zippy, irreverent blog by "Allie" last night, while I was in the middle of struggling over how to summarize my current volunteer situation. I haven't laughed so hard all week!

Allie's adventures with her adopted dog and her amazing drawings done with MS Paint (the simplest drawing program for a computer) are spot-on, to work a well-worn pun! Read through her "Dog" post and enjoy!

Drawing courtesy of "Hyperbole and a Half"


  1. I see Stumpy in that cartoon! That's how she looks after one of her (mis)adventures!

  2. Go read the post--the head-tilting scene is a hoot! Click the "Dog" link! :)

  3. alright ... you have me hooked. I'm another follower of that blog. You know, I do have to get "some" work done! I can't read blogs all day long :) Or can I ...

    Thanks for sharing. It was hilarious. I have to agree with GSC - the "slow" dog looks a lot like an ACD (though lately I've been referring to her as an OCD and am convinced they mis-categorized the breed).

  4. thank you! Still snickering. that blog is hilarious!
    I loved the "I can make food, I am magical!!"

    and yeah, thanks a lot, like DDF said..

  5. I LOVE the "magical" panel, plus the "Yaaeey the ground is weird! I'm a dog!" panel!

  6. Ha! You beat me to it! I meant to give you a "heads up" about lifting your post! I actually included the "moving the dogs" post in my post, today.

    Thankfully, no magical food from Stumpy!

  7. Allie's getting a lot of love this week -- she was linked from Boing Boing, too, so she's got thousands of comments. Well-deserved, too -- her blog is wonderful stuff.
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