Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peaches Found a Home

My little BYB mama dog Chihuahua, Peaches, has found a home--with a retired couple from Missouri who winter around the "warmer" South in their motor home (I saw on the weather forecast that it was snowing in Kerrville, their next motor home stop!).  Peaches' new Mom has sent along several email updates, and I'm pleased to report that Peaches has learned to walk on a leash to do her potty business, and she is quickly transferring her bond to her new people.  Peaches even has a doggy buddy to boss around (Queen Bee dog that she is), a sweet-natured puppy mill rescue Japanese Chin named "Cappie."  Peaches new family has always had "second-hand dogs" and Peaches has big paws to fill--they recently lost their beloved "Chula," another puppy mill Chihuahua mama dog.  Peaches' new mom told me that she believes her dear Chula was nudging her from Dog Heaven to visit the particular PetsMart where I was doing an off-site with Peaches.

I'll miss my sweet love bug Peaches, but I'm sure I'll be getting regular updates!  As my daughter says, now it's time for me to go get another "new best friend."


  1. Yay! I'm not particularly a Chihuahua fan, but I'm glad other people are. Good homes make me do the happy dance.

  2. Yay! That is good news! Sounds like a match made in heaven! thanks to angels by the names of Calsidyrose and Chula!


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