Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dog Lady Van

This is my 2001 Town & Country Chrysler mini-van. I’ve clocked 124,400-plus miles on the odometer. While the vehicle has provided faithful service as Band Mom car (I have hauled in one trip a full set of tympanis, one concert tuba in a hard case, two trombones and three full-size music stands), as our primary travel vehicle (including one trip from Southeast Louisiana to Green Bay, Wisconsin and back), and as a college student-hauler (four trips from Houston to Lubbock, TX, and back), this road-seasoned red minivan is primarily the Dog Lady Van.
•Most animals transported in one trip: 17 (cats, dogs, puppies and kittens—all crated).
•Average number of dogs transported per week: 8 animals.
•Number of crates I can fit inside with third row seats removed: 2 medium-large wire crates; 2 small wire crates, two small plastic crates.
•Number of bags of 50 pound kitty litter I’ve hauled in one trip: 25 bags.
•Number of times a dog has hurled or pooped in a crate while being transported: 6 times.
•Amount of dog hair accumulated over the course of one year: Ummm…a lot, according to my husband.
•The service provided for abandoned animals since 2002: Immeasurable!


  1. Wow, now that's a Dog-Mobile!
    1250 pounds of kitty litter!

    Amount of hair must be incredible. I gotta say, it's the only reason I got leather seats for the vehicle this time.
    learned THAT lesson.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.
    To Your Veterans.

  2. I miss my rolling dog house!!!! I've had vans from the time I learned to drive, 1976 VW van, 1986 E150 cargo van, 1996 E150 Club Wagon,1999 Town and Country.. the last 3 vehicles have been 2 SUV's and I tried down sizing to a station wagon at one pont. Right now I am in a 1976 Isuzu Trooper not a day goes by that I don't miss every one of my vans...

  3. Howdy
    WOW that is one impressive record.
    Just rode by to wish you a
    Happy Memorial Weekend !

  4. Thanks all!
    I'll be at an Off-Site tomorrow with about 15 dogs. I may do an Off-Site on Monday, too!

    Our Shelter may have a new director soon! This will be a good thing as we've had a vacancy for a month.


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