Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puppy Season at the Shelter

Q: How do you know that “Puppy Season” is here at the Animal Shelter?
A: When the “Puppy Carton” is set out by the mailboxes.

Sadly, people come by after hours—some folks truly don’t know the times the Shelter is open, but a large number of people slink in under the cover of darkness, or the soft light of dawn to deposit their litters. The Shelter generally charges a flat rate for surrendering a litter, and the intake staff person is supposed to record the person’s name and license number.

But the “Puppy Box”—or “Kitten Crate” as it is also named—is a necessity. We have a little “dog park” in the front, but the picket fencing is purely decorative. Puppies that are not contained are just a few yards from a major eight lane highway.

On my walk-through today, I counted four litters of six or more puppies, plus a dozen new young dogs under the age of three months. We’re out of canned puppy food and we’re short on fosters who can care for litters. I am not blessed with the patience to deal with puppies so I stick to the needy adult dogs. If you live in Montgomery County, Texas and would like to donate puppy food (canned and dry), puppy milk powder, or disposable puppy pads, leave a comment. If you want to foster, you can leave a comment, too.

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  1. Well, I am unable to do neither but I totally know why you need that box out front.

    I used to work on a ranch, once or twice a year I would find a box of puppies or kittens in the driveway in the morning.

    We weren't even a shelter!


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